The secret of success

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One of the biggest mistakes people repeatedly make to weaken their self-confidence and effectiveness is, that they keep waiting until they figure out all the details for a task or an activity they wish to go ahead with.

Successful people differ from the rest of us by acting first rather than waiting until they are fully ready.

Has it ever happened to you that you thought of something great, like a product or a service and later when you went to a store only to see “your product”already being sold there?

The difference between you and the other person is that the other person acted on their idea while you did not.

You could disagree that you didn’t do anything because you were not yet ready, but remember that people who built Noah’s Ark were amateurs, whereas people who built the Titanic were professionals.

The true secret in a habit of doing something lies in the following:

Truly successful people act sooner than they are ready.

The habit of acting on ideas gives us a clear signal not to back off but rather to take a step ahead. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the dangers, but it is also bad to give in to fear.

A habit of acting on something spurs us towards action and collect information “on the go” rather than waiting until we feel finally ready.

Besides the fact that the habit of acting upon something will lead us towards our goal or a finish line if you like, it will also take care of us being and feeling happier.

Scientists have managed to figure out that if we are experiencing something unexpected, our brain reacts to it by releasing large amounts of dopamine, a hormone connected with experiencing something comfortable, lovely and motivational.

And if we manage to reach our goal, our brains will reward us with serotonin- a hormone connected with feelings of happiness and comfort. That should motivate us not to be afraid to try new things in the future.

People tend to adapt to their limitations, not veering off their comfort zone because they are afraid they will step into the unknown. Taking the first step is too uncomfortable.

Such passivity leads towards feelings of unhappiness, self-doubt and loss of satisfaction and fulfillment, which self-realization brings.

To leave this vicious circle is actually really simple. Take steps that will lead you towards your goals, especially when you have a feeling you are not yet fully ready.

Every time you successfully step out of your comfort zone and start doing something, your brain will reward you with the increased amounts of dopamine and the boost in self-confidence, satisfaction and comfort. And after a while also with the joy of seeing the results of your hard work.



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