Your annual leave is making you more productive

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Annual leave is something every employee is entitled to by law. The length, however, differs from country to country. It is without a doubt one of the most popular entitlements and some companies even go to an extent of providing their employees with extra days as an added benefit.

Let us look at a few reasons why you should go on your next holiday.

Say yes to your next holiday

There are 3 groups of people, each of them with a different approach towards their annual leave entitlement.

  • they either take their leave it all at once, which is a practice more common overseas than here in Europe
  • people who take little bits evenly spread out throughout the whole year
  • people who never take any holidays in fear that they will be seen as lazy

There is a very simple answer. Don’t be afraid to take some time out. It is good for you.

And if you need more proof, keep reading.

  • It’s backed by experts

Nutritionists say that on holiday we tend to eat healthier, fresher food. Plenty of salads, fresh fruits and drink lots of water and healthy juices. We are a lot more open and receptive to trying new dishes.

Sports dieticians and personal trainers say that because people have more time on holiday, they tend to do more exercise such as walking, swimming or try sports they wouldn’t normally try.

Psychologists say that listening to the sound of waves has a calming effect on us and our body has time to reconnect with its natural rhythm. Doctors recommend holidays as a good way to lower blood pressure, heart disease and prevent depression.

  • It’s making you more productive

Seems as the more technology we have at our disposal, the busier and more stressed we are. Non-stop checking of emails whenever and wherever we are is doing us no good. And no, it does not make you look better if you respond to an email late at night, rather the opposite.

Our brains are overloaded and cannot switch off. Our bodies are on alert 24/7.

Holiday provides our minds and bodies with a new, fresh source of energy. Opens and broadens our horizons. We see and experience new things and places. We get to know how other cultures live. And most importantly we restore our energy, lower stress and come back happier and rearing to go.

  • It is good for relationships

When working for long periods of time and under a lot of stress, you may have a feeling you are neglecting your family and friends. Communication goes into a robotic phase with short sentences and your email responses only contain a few words at best. Problems and misunderstandings are always best solved with a proper communication, so if you feel like you are beginning to sound like a machine and not a human, it is time to take a break. Taking a bit of a breather together with your closest family or some friends will help you destress and able to solve everything with a fresh energy and be a lot more talkative.

  • It’s good for work-life balance

How happy and productive you are in your job will have a huge effect in your life outside of your workplace. Try to devote time away (be it a day trip, a weekend escape or a full on holiday) to spend with your family and friends, practise sports you enjoy or visit some cultural events.

Make the most of your annual leave. It is there for a reason. Use it for your benefit so that you can then be beneficial for your company.



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