Enjoy sleep ins? 5 reasons to continue being a night owl

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Have you ever thought to yourself how hard it is to be a night owl in a largely early bird world? Are you having huge trouble getting out of bed early in the morning and can’t get any work done until well after lunchtime?

We know the struggle is real. And following last week’s blog post about early birds, we have decided to turn the page now and give all of you night owls a handful of reasons, why it is actually good to be one. Why should you not change your ways, if your workplace allows it, that is.

  1. You are more creative

It has been proven that people who like staying up later at night are more extroverted and tend to have a lot more creative ideas and therefore also higher paying jobs.

  1. You can fit a lot more into your day

Simply because you feel like you have a few extra hours in the day. After the majority of your work day is behind you, and you also managed an evening activity or two, you still have the time to do what you want. This is a perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading, write a blog post or watch some TV before finally hitting the sheets.

  1. No distractions anywhere near you

Every early bird has to deal with talking colleagues, ringing phones, meetings, social network or email notification sounds, all the time while working. Night owls largely don’t as during the time they happen to produce most of their work, the early bird world already relaxes.

  1. Feeling more “at peace”

Since you don’t get tired as easily as people who get up at a crack of dawn, you don’t have a feeling of stress to get everything done by a certain hour of the day. You have a lot more time at the end of the day to think about all the little things you don’t have the time to think about during the day. Perfect for clearing your mind before the following day.

  1. Night owls need to sleep less so they can do more

While early birds generally need a good 7-8 hour sleep to function properly and naturally get tired by 9 or 10 PM, night owls are able to function on a lot less than that. This means they can use the time at night to create, think and generate new ideas and catch up on sleep by staying in bed till late AM hours.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both: early birds and night owls. It is who you are naturally and how you, your body and brain is naturally able to function.

Luckily many businesses and corporations are open to flexible working hours and are seeing how important it is to give people freedom to work when it is natural for them and their body clock. This way they can do more, achieve more, are happier and healthier. So everybody wins in the end.



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