The 5 pros of rising with the sun

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There are pros and cons in everything we do on a daily basis. The style we work in, the way we dress, things we tend to do at a certain hour each day. All of this depends on one fact. Whether we are morning people or night owls. And this is a topic, we’ll be covering in this and next week’s blogs.

This week we’ll discuss what is good about getting out of bed before everyone else does.

The good in rising with the sun

Get exercising

Nothing will wake and set you up for a day better than a good workout. Whether you prefer some peaceful yoga, a good run or a hard-core gym workout. With the added benefit of having the gym almost empty and having freedom to plan your afternoon and evening schedule as you wish.

One more advantage of morning workouts is that morning exercise hardly gets cancelled due to unexpected meetings or events, which can easily happen in the PM hours.

Your productivity will soar

Right after waking up, both your brain and body are freshest. You’ll find, that you have plenty of energy to get through a lot of work in a short amount of time.

Solving difficult tasks will be easier

The main reason is that your brain is performing at its best. It is well rested, providing you’ve had a good night’s sleep. You are able to think sharply. Finding solutions to difficult issues will come much easier in the morning and solving these will also take you considerably less amount of time.

Early mornings are quiet…. and GREAT for planning

By early we mean 6 or 7 AM, not later. That time, when the majority of people are only getting ready to face the day. Getting to the office early will mean, you can get your inbox cleared in no time without any disruptions of talking colleagues, coffee maker noise, phone calls or meetings.

You are able to anticipate problems

Numerous studies, namely one: Randle’s research have proven, that morning people are better able to anticipate problems and therefore also able to effectively minimize them which leads to more success in the business world.


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