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Clevork helped us organize our time tracking with little effort and with a great amount of efficiency. Clevork gives you the ability to enter precise and organized data, which eliminates uncertainties and additional questions regarding the reasons, length of time spent, customer projects, work details, etc. The report gives you an exact picture of a project at a quick glance. We have a recent example that supports the efficiency and importance of using Clevork. There was a question regarding an invoice we submitted to a customer. We presented them with a report from Clevork that outlined in detail the dates, times, project, work done and additional comments that Branislav diligently entered. The customer could not argue or question any of the entries. They saw that we spent more time on the project and that we indeed were very reasonable in our invoicing. We were able to provide this information in minutes, which further supported the viability of our work ethics.

Natalie and Branislav BezakLinear Computing, Toronto

We were looking for an ideal solution for our time tracking needs, due to the fact that we offer flexible working time to our employees and we wanted to know how much time we spend on each of our projects. We also try to give our clients detailed descriptions of everything that is connected to the agenda of their project we work on at a time. Clevork is very intuitive, the use of it is simple and it gives us the chance to export all of our data. We use Clevork because it is relatively new and innovative project. It is easy to use, it is clear and we don't have to focus on writing down all tasks we worked on but rather we can focus on the work ahead of us and leave the time tracking up to Clevork. Clevork features very simple use for iPhones and that in itself we see as its biggest advantage. We are currently using its free version. It is localized into Slovak language and after the initial setup the use is very comfortable. In our marketing agency we also have our own recording studio located in Prievidza, Slovakia. That means that we work for bigger amount of clients, where every one of them has more projects and smaller tasks. This way it is possible to display an exact time needed for each activity, optimize its use and also plan time slots into the future.

Ing. Andrej KmotorkaOffice Assistant,

I use Clevork for my personal time tracking. I have found that the new interface is very intuitive and easy to work with. Clevork has made my time tracking so much easier.

Albert WalsweerA user from Belgium

I use Clevork mainly because of its simplicity, ease of use and modern and beautiful design. Using products that also look great is a great feeling besides the fact that this system is already filled to brim with very useful and awesome features. Using Clevork daily brought me mainly very good and comprehensive overview how much time I spend working on each task for all projects I am involved in. The synchronization between laptops and a smartphone is also a piece of cake and a matter of seconds. I see a big plus point in a possibility to make more or less detailed reports and their easy export into Excel sheets.

Veronika ShoebridgeBusiness developer, Joule

We are a big company with many employees working on many different projects for many different customers and it is absolutely vital for us to constantly have a clear overview about who is doing what or working on what at any given time. Therefore we are able to report and invoice accurately and timely. It is also crucial to be able to easily provide our customers with reports of what work has KFB team done on their projects. It brought us tidy reports, effectiveness, time savings and exact invoicing Easy implementation and intuitive use. very simple to move from the product we were using previous to Clevork.

Miroslav KockaManaging Director, KFB Control Ltd

I need to analyze activities and time I spend doing each activity, because sometimes I spend too long on activities that are not that important and those that are crucial I tend to move further down the track. I managed to exactly define activities which I can delegate to someone else, and at the same time I can exactly map the amount of time this will take to complete. Following this it is a whole lot easier to plan activities of colleagues I delegate these tasks to. Truly very simple from the user’s point of view and a huge advantage of sharing/ compatibility between PC and a smart mobile phone. This tool can help a great deal to keep track of time and budget for activities of the “ multi-tasking type”, meaning where a person works on multiple projects and it is vital to keep track of budgets that will be used between amongst projects.

Marek ONDREJČÁK Sales Manager EL, DACHSER Slovakia a.s.

Clevork works in a graphically attractive and detailed environment. There are also apps supporting both Android and iOS and a web app in your internet browser. It will guide you through the detailed settings and explain each step of the way. Everything you set up in the settings at first you can change later, so don't worry about making a mistake. To read the whole reference (in Slovak) click here: http://www.beapp.sk/recenzie/15-clevork

Filip JurekCo- founder @BeAPP