How Clevork came to be our story...

“ We developed Clevork for us and now
we are offering it to you.”

Our company has been working with Time, Attendance & Access control systems for over 10 years. Throughout the years we gradually continued to work on more and more complex projects for bigger and bigger companies.

As our business grew, we've welcomed new colleagues, customers and projects. Despite being able to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, we repeatedly found ourselves in situations where we were losing track of time ourselves. Time we spent on projects, services, and financial budgets. None of the previously made solutions on offer were good enough, even though we tried to use some.

That’s why we've decided to develop Clevork - our own time tracking app built totally from scratch.

From an idea into a product

So just briefly, this is how the Clevork came to see the light of day:

1/ We took the best from our experience and expertise with custom made solutions in the field of Time, Attendance & Access control systems and used it as a basis for our new app.

2/Graphic designers wrapped this application into an elegant looking product.

3/User experience specialists created algorithms for entering in data.


Spreading the word

Now we use the program anywhere and everywhere, with or without a PC, even through a cell phone. With or without attendance systems.

Now we have all the exact information about:

  • what we do
  • how long we do it for
  • how much does it cost

We are ready to share the information about current or past projects in a matter of seconds at any time.

Clevork is:

Since then Clevork became our child – you know that something you put all your effort and energy into only to finally award you with the feeling of pride of what you managed to achieve.

With the focus on boosting our startup we somehow all began to grow.

On the corporate level

  • We had to build a whole new marketing studio Joule, so that we would be able to propagate our app towards more people all around the world.
  • Because we didn't have much experience in this field, we had to merge with an expert company in this field – SONO agency, one of the leaders on local market in Slovakia.

On the personal level

  • We started to write own blog - and went through various life coaching seminars, books and articles about productivity and life hacks. Implementing these strategies to the system of our own work has started to become our hobby.

After adopting all of these findings step by step throughout last year, many things have changed. Now that we've been there and done that we know what has worked.

We are able to achieve more projects and hand them over to our clients on time. Working relations have gotten better, there are no conflicts and no drop outs.

And what matters most is that we really enjoy what we do.

“ We developed Clevork for us and now we are offering it to you.”

Our vision is to... team leaders, managers & company owners. Provide them with a clear & detailed overview about the activities of their employees. They can use this data for optimization of internal processes, generating of time-sheets or attendance and increase in effectivity & the overall company revenue.