NLP for managers: 5 steps towards an immediate boost of self confidence


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NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is a psycho-therapeutic method, studying fast changes in human behavior thanks to useful techniques working with the human psyche and sub consciousness.

The NLP techniques are being used to help handle emotions, fear and other phobias and to help boost self confidence and inner motivation.

It is an unbelievably popular method among world class athletes and top managers, who use it as a psychological preparation ahead of top sports performances. Among people working with NLP are a golf player: Tiger Woods, tennis players: Serena Williams and Andre Agassi or famous business mentors: Anthony Robbins and Paul McKenna for example.

There is a large number of seminars and education sessions, where top managers and salespeople learn to use these techniques.

We’ll introduce you to one such technique now. Try to spend 5 minutes of your time daily practicing this technique and you will notice  that you will start to react to difficult everyday situations with more energy, with confidence and belief in your own skills.

5 steps towards an immediate boost of self confidence:

  1. Try to picture a moment when you felt really really self confident. Picture it with all the details surrounding that moment- try to see and hear what you saw and heard then and try to feel and live that moment you felt back then.
  2. While you play this memory back in your mind, make all the colors stronger and brighter, make sounds louder and feelings stronger.
  3. While you’re experiencing nice feelings, put your thumb and a middle finger together on each hand. From now on, every time you put your thumb and a middle finger together, you will experience such feelings.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3  multiple times, until the simple joining of thumb and a middle finger won’t create this reflex feeling from your inside.
  5. Imagine a situation that awaits you, where a stronger motivation is needed. Imagine that everything is going great– exactly how you want it to go. Try to imagine, hear and feel just as comfortable in this situation.

By doing this exercise you’ve created “a positive motivation switch”.  If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, where you need to act in an energetic way, put your thumb and a middle finger together and your subconscious will quickly transport you into a feeling of comfort, that you practiced.

Try it today and reprogram your mind towards success.  


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