Monday “mission” of a former military helicopter pilot


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Marek Ondrejčák

When Marek Ondrejcak heard the news that Slovak Army would like to buy some new Black Hawks he had a temptation to return to his previous profession for a while.

In the past he worked as a pilot of military helicopters and this passion still holds him.

Maybe he would if he already wasn’t in love with his current job. As a sales manager, he leads a sales team for a Slovak division of a big international logistics company Dachser, which has over 24,000 employees worldwide in around 470 locations worldwide and 10,000 transport units.

Who works a lot, completes a lot

Marek fits many other things in besides his work. He regularly attend Kosice Peace Marathon – the oldest marathon in Europe and the sixth-oldest in the world. It’s still not enough for him, so he trains for triathlon and occasionally plays badminton with his kids or friends just for fun.

This requires very precise planning. As he says, at the beginning of school year, his family sits together and schedules the whole year – kids plan time for their hobbies, and so does Marek and his wife.

Then the parents make an agreement about when one of them will have a day off while the other takes care of the children, and on what days they switch roles.

The second thing is that Marek plans all his activities during times when his family sleeps or devote their time to their hobbies, so that he can spend with his family as much time as possible.

Dascher HQ

Dascher HQ


My busy monday starts with Clevork

Marek is truly an inspiring personality, who has proven a great time-management skills in both – the private and business life and he is also a big fan of Clevork so we asked him to find a moment and share with us, how his average monday looks like.

This is what he sent to us:

8:02 A.M.

I am entering my office. The first thing is a must – a quick cup of coffee and small talk with colleagues. My busy monday always starts by opening Clevork and clicking on the email button in the app.

8:08 – 9:48 A.M.

This is followed by my most common morning routine familiar to many – calls with clients, checking my email inbox and then going through daily reports.

9:48 – 10:05 A.M.

An unplanned (but fortunately short) meeting with IT coordinator has occurred – EDI connection with a new client has to be tested.

10:05 – 11:03 A.M.

Due to small technical issues my time reserved for a VIP client has shortened a bit, but fortunately I managed to finish what I have resolved – statistical analysis of KPIs.

11:03 A.M. – 12:21 P.M.

Price calculations for a new project – at this time my alertness is at its peak so I try to fit in more focus demanding tasks during this time.

12:21 – 12: 46 P.M.

Time for a good meal with colleagues in the company canteen.

12:46 – 13:09 P.M.

Second round of checking emails (After lunch comes a gentle decline of my overall productivity so I find it reasonable to do tasks where less focus is needed).

13:09 – 15:04 P.M.

Update of the sales strategy for 2015.

15:05 – 16:45 P.M.

Business appointment with a potential client to define conditions of test operation.

As Marek says the key success factor to getting many things done is the iron discipline in combination with precise planning and truth-baring feedback based on the hard data afterwards. Strategy valid for both – leading a sales team or training for a triathlon.

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