How do real estate agents wish their days looked like?

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We went (virtually) all the way to New Zealand. We wanted to find out first hand from a trusted real estate agent, how close their ideal work day is to their actual work day.

Do real estate agents ever get ‘reality checks’ or is it smooth sailing?

Tawny Urwin is a young and ambitious real estate agent. She lives and works in the small New Zealand city of New Plymouth as a real estate agent for Remax.

She shared the story of what she would like her ideal day to be and what the everyday reality is with me, and you can now read it as well.

Catching the opportunity


Tawny Urwin

Tawny likes her job but it is a lot of hard work to get people to pick her to sell their properties.

“My ideal day is definitely when my phone rings with people wanting to give me business. Opportunity to sell their home or to sell them a home.”

There are a lot of rules and regulations with her job. So she spends a lot of time at the council or talking to lawyers making sure things run on time and correctly. Which she doesn’t mind.

Open communication is key

It’s important for her clients to know that so many things can go wrong. Houses are flawed sometimes!

She likes showing houses and dealing with buyers even if they don’t buy.stiahnuť (3)

“Of course I would love it if they did every time.”

It’s in the listing

Getting the opportunity to talk in front of people to sell their house is a lot harder than doing it. Making a listing or a presentation is a lot easier when she knows what she is doing.

“I wish it was easier to get listings.”

Good colleagues, good atmosphere

Tawny has a great team and an open-plan shared office. So they often share a few laughs at work. It’s great to have a balance. One thing about real estate is: “Sometimes you are busy and don’t have time to yourself and other items you have nothing to do!”

So, real estate agents really are people and have a lot to handle. If they manage to have an ideal day that must feel great.

But as we know, the reality can be harsh and everyone has to deal with problems on a daily basis. Tawny is a great example of a busy person in a busy job who manages to do it with a smile on her face.



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