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Q: I didn’t get an email to activate my account when I signed up. What do I do?

A: Your email client might have put your email to spam so we highly suggest to check that. In case you still can’t find your email, please contact our customer support.

Q: How do I synchronize my PC version of Clevork with my mobile app?

A: One of our prerecorded tutorials with English commentary shows how to install the mobile app and synchronize your data with PC version. If you’ve already installed Clevork on your phone and need to synchronize it now, simply click on “Sync” in your mobile app or watch the tutorial for setting up your mobile app. It shows the way you can set it up so your phone does it automatically at an interval you choose.

Q: I don’t know how to use my mobile app, how to navigate through it.

A: This is shown in our tutorials as well. The video about using the fast pannel will be the most helpful one to watch.

Q: Can you edit and move tiles in the Fast Panel?

A: You have to click on the“edit mode” button and then you can move tiles around, delete them or edit them. You can find a more detailed tutorial here.

Q: How can I get to notes on my timeline?

A: Click on edit activity, you can view and edit your note there.

Q: What is the main difference between Activity and Transaction?

A: Activity is a thing you are currently doing, or you have been doing throughout the day. For example: writing, learning, designing a product.

Transaction is a movement between two places, or going out for lunch. You can track how long does it take you to get to lunch and back.

Q: How can I delete a user account from my company?

A: The easiest and best way to do this is to make this user account non-active. Go to settings and select “people” on the top. Then uncheck “active”.

Q: How do I set the time when adding an activity?

A: When you are adding an activity to your timeline, don’t try to write the time yourself. Simply click on time window and add your time by clicking on it manually.

Q: How can I choose the right parameters when doing a report? How can I decide which type of report is the right one?

A: There are 6 types of reports. First, by selecting the type of report you need, you will get a blank “template” of how the report will look like. If you want to report about your activities, select “Activities”. You can also report about attendance, customers or make a daily (grouped) report. By adding all the remaining parameters (like time periods, people..), you will get a desired report in no time.

Q: How do I set up the geo location service?

A: Go to the Clevork desktop version, then settings and select GPS. Add an activity you wish to track your location while doing it. Next step is to check your Clevork mobile settings. Make sure Location services for Clevork are permitted. If they are, go to the mobile app itself and save this activity (make sure you will put in the exact same parameters like you set in your desktop version). Now, Clevork will track your location while doing this activity.


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Do I have to choose my plan now?

No. Sign up for a trial now, and choose a plan when you’re ready.

Can I switch from one plan to another later, if my team grows bigger?

You don’t have to decide right away. We will check the number of users you are tracking and, we will offer you a plan that suits your needs best.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan anytime?

Yes, upgrading or downgrading your plan is easy. Your new plan will be activated and charged at the end of your current plan’s term.

I want to add one more user. Do I need to upgrade to another plan?

No. If you don’t go over the maximum amount of people specified in your prepaid plan, you can keep adding new users.

What happens if I have inactive users?

You don’t have to pay for inactive users. That means you can keep data from your ex-employees.

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel your Clevork subscription, go to the Company window under the settings and follow the steps.

Do you need my credit card details when signing up for a free trial?

No. We don’t need your credit card for a free trial.

How does the payment work? Will I be charged recurring payments?

Monthly fees will be automatically charged from your account on the same day each month.

How can I pay? What are my options?

There is a Billing information window under the settings (just for clevork admin). There you can see details of your current subscription or switch to another plan and buy it. The payments for Clevork are done via Braintree.

What is Braintree?

Braintree is an online billing and payment platform. Its a Paypal company so you can be sure that paying for your Clevork plan will be done in the safest possible way. Braintree also offers recurring payment services. It works in 40 countries and in 130 worldwide currencies.

Is Braintree safe?

Braintree is one of the safest online payment platforms out there. They do regular check ups to prevent fraud. You can read more here.

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