How to use Planning & Absence module

Step by step instructions for a planning tutorial on the website:


Adding a plan to the timeline:


  1. Go to your Clevork timeline
  2. Select a date in the future where you want to add your new plan
  3. Click on the + button to add a plan of your choice
  4. Choose the date (one day only) or a date range (start day and an end day) your plan applies to.
  5. Choose if the plan will apply to morning only, afternoon only or the full day
  6. Now select all the parameters your plan applies to from the drop down boxes below (customer, project, activity)
  7. Select an approver from the drop down menu below who will either approve or reject your plan)
  8. Now click the save button
  9. You plan is now added to your timeline
  10. If you wish to edit your plan, move your mouse over the little dotted line and click on the picture of the pencil


Adding a predefined plan to the timeline:

  1. Go to your Clevork timeline
  2. From the main left hand menu click on Settings, then Predefined plans
  3. Here you will be able to predefine plans for a quicker use in the future
  4. Any already predefined plans you may have already are shown in the column on the left hand side.
  5. To create a new predefined plan, click on the large white + sign in the left hand column
  6. Now fill in all the applicable parameters from the drop down boxes in each line.
  7. If your predefined plan will need to be approved by someone, don’t forget to tick the box: “Need approval”
  8. Once you fill and tick all applicable details and you are happy with it, click save to save your predefined plan.
  9. Your newly created predefined plan is now saved in the left hand column.
  10. Now head over to your timeline to a date in the future
  11. Click on predefined plan from the right hand side
  12. Select a date or a date range and click the save button


Thanks a lot for watching this tutorial and we hope this video has helped you with using the Planning feature.

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