Boost your team’s productivity.

Measure & improve your team's performance with clear data about their daily activities.

How Team Leader benefits from Clevork

  • 1
    What is being measured, is being improved.
    With Clevork you have an overview about each member of your team:

    1. How much they spent on each activity, project, client
    2. Which member of the team is overloaded and who has a capacity to help out
    3. Which phase is the a project at
  • 2
    Mobile app for teams working in the field
    Team members report on daily activities and fill in time spent with clients with just one click on their smartphones.
  • 3
    Plan workday of your team
    With the planning feature, you can predefine activities for training and kick-offs of new team members or plan tasks for teams in advance, for example before going on your vacation.
  • 4
    Easy & quick reporting
    Download graphs, tables & reports as XLS spreadsheets or PDF files. Simple export will make your reporting for clients a piece of cake.
  • 5
    Time zones synchronization
    No reason to stop time-tracking if you're a jetsetter.

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