Employee analytics tool

Analyze the productivity of your company and find blind spots.

How a CEO benefits from Clevork

  • 1
    Immediate company wide overview
    1. How much time did the employees spend doing each activity
    2. How much time did they spend doing each project
    3. How long did they spend with each client
    4. Disruptions of working time and the reasons for them
    5. Planned team activities
    6. The employee attendance records
  • 2
    Manage freelancers and field workers
    Thanks to a smartphone with geolocation settings enabled you have an instant overview about the attendance and activities of all your external employees such as: drivers, builders, sales people.
  • 3
    Easy & quick reporting for business owners or clients
    Create and save your reports, export it to excel file for futher analysis, let Clevrok send it regulary to your mailbox.
  • 4
    Divide teams into user groups
    One administrator can watch over data and assign different permissions to different users. Predefine hundreds of activities & set up filters.
  • 5
    Clear time sheets
    Clevork will visually guide your employees to quickly fill in their daily activities therefore minimizing the need for an attendance terminal.

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