Stop losing money. Bill it all.

Keeping track of time spent on projects means no more money being wasted in billing and precious data for future costing estimations.

How a Business owner benefits from Clevork

  • 1
    Overview of workflows - Know your employees:
    1. how much did they work on individual clients
    2. their daily performance
    3. breaks and the reasons for them.
  • 2
    Fair remuneration
    Pay your employees according to their performance on tasks - award the best ones and discover blind spots.
  • 3
    Easy & quick reporting for clients
    Create and save your reports, export it to excel file for futher analysis, let Clevrok send it regulary to your mailbox.
  • 4
    Assign competences
    One administrator can watch over data and assign different permissions to different users as well as set up filters. That way your teams and clients only see what is necessary for them to see.
  • 5
    Focus on “billable”
    See how much time is spent on each client, focus on the most profitable clients/projects and allocate your teams more effectively.

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