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A bit of a different post today. Actually a lot different. We are not gonna be sharing a productivity tip or a tool that will help you become more effective today.

We are sharing some personal info about us, people behind Clevork, people who developed it and are making sure everything from the app itself, the website, the emails, the content , the blog are always in tip top condition, updated, and working smoothly 24/7.

So without further adieu let’s get right into it. 

Here we are, one by one.

Veronika Shoebridge Marketing

Full name: Veronika Shoebridge

What do I do @ Clevork:  I communicate. A lot. With all of you reading our blog posts, our social media channels, website. I am also in charge of the emails. Yep, it’s me emailing you, not a robot or a server with an automated response:) and I love doing it.

Otherwise, I am Slovak born and raised here in the capital city of Bratislava but my husband’s a kiwi (New Zealander) so that explains my not so Slovak surname:)

Outside of work I:

  • am a sports addict- the gym is basically my second home
  • my most loved sports are: boot camp classes, bike riding, rollerblading, swimming, skiing, tennis
  • am a fashion lover, read fashion magazines and follow fashion blogs (Fashionvibe, The Blonde Salad, The Style Scrapbook) are my top 3.
  • love travelling- anywhere, everywhere and as often as possible
  • enjoy hanging out with friends, visiting cafes and restaurants with my husband, going to the cinema and for walks in the nature
  • love getting involved in interesting projects in my suburb or attend interesting functions, talk shows or sports events (mainly tennis based)
  • am furnishing our newly built house so a bit of an interior designer lately:)

If I had the chance to organize a dinner party, the 3 people I would invite outside of my family would be- Dominika Cibulková (Slovak tennis player), Sir Richard Branson and Adela Banášová (Slovak talk show host).

Jakub Wlachovsky

Full name: Jakub Wlachovsky

What do I do @ Clevork:  I am in charge of programming the terminal

Outside of work I am:

  • a keen climber, nothing extreme, just purely recreational
  • I enjoy hiking. In Slovakia, but mainly in Slovenia and Austria
  • a recreational runner but nothing competitive
  • I also visit and photograph underground spaces. Mainly military ones and mines, both historic and industrial
  • I enjoy reading fantasy genre. My favourite authors are Juraj Červeňák, Andrzej Sapkowski and David Gemmell
  • I also watch gaming stream but DON’T PLAY GAMES

Tomáš Backstuber

Full name: Tomáš Backstuber

What do I do @ Clevork: Developer

Outside of work I like:

  • computer games, especially RPG’s such as Dragon Age or Divinity II, I also enjoy playing MMORPG
  • full day hiking tours (Vysoká, Záruby, Čachtický hrad and many others in Slovakia)
  • reading fantasy books, Witcher for example is a good one.
  • watching movies, either action ones such as Aeon Flux or comedies (Disaster Movie)
  • watching sitcoms (Mom, 2 Broke girls) or action with a bit of fantasy thrown in (Arrow, Flash) or Constantine.
  • Early morning gym sessions (the 6 AM ones)
  • programming in RPG Maker VX Ace and I look forward to bugs getting solved and libraries finished in RPG Maker MV

Balint Nagy Support

Full name: Bálint Nagy

What do I do @ Clevork: Frontend and Backend Developer

This is what I do when I don’t have to work:

  • I enjoy programming, physics, sports and time with my girlfriend:)
  • I like reading books, currently ones written by Simon Scarrow: Eagle and the Wolves for example
  • study new technologies: currently mainly these: ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI 2, Less a KnockoutJS
  • enjoy playing football, going for a run or a bit of cycling
  • like to play with my dog, whose name is Ödönke
  • enjoy listening to classical music such as Mozart’s Requiem, J.S.Bach and his Toccata and Fugue – those are my absolute favorites
  • a bit of AC/DC, of course, doesn’t go amiss either:)
  • watching sci-fi TV series such as Stargate and Eureka

Robo Kiss Developer/Coder

Full name: Robert Kišš

What do I do @ Clevork: Frontend and Backend Developer

Outside of work I:

  • enjoy sports: cycling, CrossFit, hiking
  • programming and gaming, mostly building strategies.
  • I know the following programming languages: PHP, C#, html5, Css, javascript / jquery, java, android java, and I also speak a bit of English:)

Tomas Paulik Copywriter

Full name: Tomáš Paulik

What do I do @ Clevork: Copywriter

Outside of work I enjoy:

  • travelling and especially sightseeing tours around European cities
  • reading: my most beloved books are: Antoine de Saint Exupéry – The Little Prince; Aldoux Huxley – Island, Brave New World; George Orwell – 1984, Richard Dawkins – God Delusion; Anthony de Mello – One Minute Wisdom
  • also, enjoy a good movie, such as- American Beauty, Shawshank Redemption, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Cloud Atlas, K-Pax, Donnie Darko
  • I like to sit down and enjoy an episode or five of my favourite tv series, and especially: currently a Swedish/ Danish: Bron/Broen but my all time fave must be Frasier
  • I like hanging around cafes
  • enjoy a good Italian cuisine and a glass of red to go with it of course:)

Peter Peržo

Full name: Peter Peržo

What do I do @ Clevork: I have only joined the Clevork team in October 2015.

I am trying to find ways how to set up the entire online strategy in a way that brings above average results.

Even though I wasn’t a big fan of time tracking a few months ago, I have since changed my mind on this matter and  actually really like Clevork now.

Outside of work I:

  • love cars and driving
  • and while some people are calling themselves “cat people” I would say I am a “dog person”, I love dogs of all sizes but most of all I love my dog, golden retriever Sara.

So there you have it. This is us, people behind Clevork, in private. We hope we’ve helped you to get to know us a little better and in a different way. Clevork may be a software but behind every great product is a great team of people and I am proud to be one of them.

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