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In 1930, a well-known research was done, the aim of which was to find out, what factors have an effect on increasing efficiency at work. The team of sociologists lead by Elton May, a professor from Harvard went into factories to find out what effect an increased lighting above the production lines has on the efficiency of the workers. They chose 3 test groups.

The first group of workers worked under increased lighting above them, the second group had the lights turned down and the third group was being monitored under unchanged conditions.

The results were truly surprising.

According to the expectations, the group that worked under increased lighting had a significant increase in performance and the feeling of comfort while at work. But the other groups also worked with an almost identical work performance.

Based on the results of another two tests, the research team came to the conclusion that the key factor that had a positive effect on the work performance of the workers was knowing that someone is taking their efforts into account.

What gets measured, gets done.

According to the findings of the American Society of Training and Development the probability that you will finish a task that someone will check afterwards increased from 40% all the way to 90%.

And it does not concern only the company outputs, but basically every aspect of human life.

For example, there was another study done a few years ago by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine on almost 1,700 US adults who were overweight or suffered from obesity. Participants who tracked what meal they had eaten lost about twice as much weight as those who weren’t.

If you spend a minute each day checking that what you do each day pushes you closer towards your goals, you will rapidly increase your chance of their success.

You don’t have to believe it, you can check it out for yourself.

Register into Clevork for one whole month for free and after a month of careful and detailed measuring of your activities, compare your results with previous, non-measured months.

If you do at least one step towards your goal daily, you will be shocked that after just one month how far you have managed to come. Create your future today.



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