3 simple steps to gaining mental well-being



Whether your goal is  success at work, in relationships or other parts of your life, mental well-being is the critical factor needed to turn desire into reality.

In 1996, the BBC had a program where psychologist Robert Holden PhD. chose 3 people who suffered clinical depression and in a short time tried to improve their mental well-being.

All of the present scientists measured the participants’ brain activity in the hope of discovering what major events led to drastic changes in their mental well-being throughout the experiment. The results were so astonishing, that one of the scientists present requested that the testing machine be checked.

All the participants moved to the opposite side of the scale. From formerly depressed individuals they became extreme optimists.

So what was the secret to their miraculous change?

3 things they were to do each day for a while:


  • Do physical exercise

According to studies, physical exercise is a proven medicine to treat depression. It relaxes the muscle tension and releases adrenaline, as well and other chemical substances which are released into the bloodstream due to stress.

Exercise floods the brain with endorphins and creates feelings of relaxation, warmth and comfort. With time, these feelings start to become the norm for the “setup” of the body and the physical condition of comfort comes more regularly and stays for longer periods of time.


  • Smile for 20 minutes every day

Just a simple smile causes the release of serotonin into the bloodstream, which is a hormone associated with good mood, acting as an antidepressant. Laughter is similar to physical exercise and causes the release of endorphins related to pleasant physical feelings.

A child apparently smiles 400 times per day on average, whereas an adult only 15 times.

So try to smile for at least 20 minutes daily, even though it may feel a little strange at first. Better mood, more energy and feelings of joy will be your reward.


  • Force yourself into thinking more positively

Every participant in the Holden experiment had the task of sticking colorful post-it notes everywhere around their homes and workplaces. If any of the participants looked at these notes throughout the course of the day, he or she had to stop and think of something that generated a nice feeling. After a month it became a natural habit.

This exercise strengthens neural pathways and the formation of chemical substances associated with feelings of joy. If you happen to have a rich imagination, you can use this method to immediately create positive feelings for yourself. For example, if you need to excel in a tough situation at work, think of something funny that happened with someone who is close to you.


And that is all. It is amazing to know that just a few minutes per day is enough to make a deep and long lasting change to your life. The feeling of happiness and serenity can help you react to situations with more motivation and confidence. It’s all just a matter of practise. We hope that these 3 steps will bring you more joy at work and in your personal lives. Fingers crossed.


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