Clevork is celebrating its first year of existence


The Clevork team


Clevork is celebrating its first year of existence.

Throughout last year Clevork saw 652 registrations, our app went through 3 major design changes and we were slowly but surely adding new features such as timesheets or planning.

Our team had written 54 articles about productivity and working habits of inspirational people on our blog Monday by Clevork as well as other productivity oriented blogs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, partners, colleagues, family and friends. We’ve built a lot of great relationships already, and we’re looking forward to strengthening them even further. Thank you for being a part of Clevork’s success.

And so we can get to know each other better, we prepared this little insight how and why Clevork actually came to be:

Our Story: How Clevork came to be

Clevork as a product is only 1 year old but our company that created it exists for more than 15 years already. Among its main activities are: Time, Attendance & Access control systems and we can count companies such as Kia Motors,Volkswagen or Ikea among our clients.

As we began to grow over the years, do did the size of our company. We gained new colleagues, customers and projects. Despite being able to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, we repeatedly found ourselves in situations where we were losing track of time. Time we spent on projects, services, and financial budgets. None of the previously made solutions on offer were good enough, even though we tried to use some.

That’s why we’ve decided to develop Clevork – our own time tracking app built totally from scratch. Our new product surprisingly helped us not only with overview of our team’s performance. It poured a whole new energy into our work lives.

Clevork became our child – something you put all your effort and energy into, only to finally award you with the feeling of pride of what you managed to achieve.

Why we aim our focus on productivity topics on our blog?

Clevork offers us good feedback as to where are we not productive enough and need to improve. So that we can overcome these barriers, we are trying to apply different methods, time management techniques and tips from effective people.

We went through various life coaching seminars, books and articles about productivity and life hacks. Implementing these strategies to the system of our own work has started to become our hobby.

After adopting all of these findings step by step throughout last year many things have changed. Working relations have gotten better, inner company communication has become more fluent and our internal motivation has risen.

As we’ve been there and done that we know what has worked and now we would like to offer you these principles with the hope some of it may be helpful for you in the same way it helped us.

We developed Clevork for us and now we are offering it to you.

Get to know us:

Lubo Palkoci Sales

Lubo Palkoci

Miro Kocka CEO

Miro Kocka










Jindrich Vidensky Development

Jindrich Vidensky

Veronika Shoebridge Marketing

Veronika Shoebridge

Robo Kiss Developer/Coder

Robo Kiss

Balint Nagy Support

Balint Nagy

Tomas Paulik Copywriter

Tomas Paulik


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