Quattro Stagioni – four pieces for colorful life

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Every one of us has the same 24 hours in a day for all their activities.  How you structure your day, the things you do and what you consider important all lead to life you live, whichever way it is.

There is a 4 cycle principle that says that in order to live a harmonious life the ideal time distribution should go like this:

  • 6 hours for sleeping
  • 6 hours for working
  • 6 hours for strengthening relationship
  • 6 hours for yourself (for exercising, studying, food…)

To get to your goal – your ideal version of life, you need to know what you want and focus on that. Tracking your activities for one week would help you realize where you spend your energy. Are those things the ones that really matter, or are you just stuck in one spot?

In order to help you achieve this we’ve prepared a short recipe in the Clevork Productivity Cookbook:

Quattro Stagioni (for all productivity ninjas)

Portion: For one person, Category: Medium difficulty recipe, Preparation time: 10 min (optional), Cooking time: 1 week


Preparation (optional):

  • time tracking app


  • 1 pencil and paper or a time tracking app


Preparation (optional):

Tracking your activities on smartphone instead of a piece of paper can significantly help you keep this up for at least week. A week is enough to outline the basic overview and to set up important changes towards better habits. This is how to do it with Clevork:

  1. Click here and signup. (For individuals Clevork is free forever).
  2. Create 1 project, let’s name it myProject
  3. Set 4 activities such as Work, Sleep, My needs, My relationships. Assign an icon to each one.
  4. Define 4 customers .. use the same names as you did for your activities. Assign a color to each one.

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  1. Download and sign into the Clevork mobile app (Click here for Android or here for iPhone).
  2. Put an entry into Clevork or on a piece of paper for each activity you start.
  3. After a week of honest tracking, make an analysis of how your time has been spent. (Clevork has powerful statistics for this.)
  4. Reschedule your next week according to your discoveries. Set aside more time for things which can make a real difference in your life. Decrease things with no value added.
  5. Enjoy better results.

Thanks for reading!

In case of any troubles with setting your Clevork account, your projects, activies or anything else, please write to us at info@clevork.com. We would be more than happy to help you.


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