Pomodoro technique – spicy italian recipe for creative freshness and full focus

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Clevork productivity cookbook is here with yet another recipe for your tasty day at work. This time with Pomodoro – famous Italian time management method.

Portion: For one person. Category: Easy recipe. Preparation time: 15 min.
Cooking time: 25 min periods followed by 5 min breaks


Preparation – optional:

  • 1 pencil and paper or an app for to-do lists


  • 1 kitchen timer or a time tracking app
  • 1 sheet of paper and a pencil


During the preparation phase take 15 mins of your time to write today’s to- do list, ideally in  the evening before the following workday. Leave overnight to set. (This is optional, but can help with prioritizing tasks and speeding up process.)

Next morning:

  1. Work through your to-do list or decide which task is to be done next and set your kitchen timer for 25 minutes.
  2. Work for 25 minutes and when the timer rings take a 5 minute break. (This 25 minute period is called “pomodoro” after the “pomodoro” kitchen timer.)
  3. Put a tick next to the task on your to-do list each time you finish a pomodoro to see your progress.
  4. After 4 pomodoros take a longer break (15 – 30 minutes).

On the pomodoro time spent working, fully focus on your task and try to reduce all internal or external distruptions. When interrupted you should postpone the distraction to later by asking the distractor to get back to you at a later time or the pomodoro must be abandoned (worse option).

Enjoy better results.


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