Clevork productivity cookbook

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Clevork productivity cookbook is here to teach you the most common time management techniques.

We’ve decided to go through the most famous methods and life hacks, simplify them to the greatest extent possible and give them to real people of our modern age (people too busy and tired of rubbish) for testing themselves.

Each productivity technique is written in the form of a recipe everyone knows from classic cookbooks – with the necessary ingredients and instructions for “cooking”.

We are starting this series with the first recipe and will be continually adding fresh recipes each week thereafter.

Pareto principle for the perfect workday

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 Pareto developed the principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas.

Portion: For one person. Category: Easy recipe. Preparation time: 1 work day,Cooking time: 30 mins of analysis



  • 1 work day of painless time tracking


  • 1 paper, 1 pencil
  • Wunderlist (optional)


  1. Track all your activities in the time-tracking app Clevork throughout your average work day to find out which tasks you usually spend your time on.
  2. After collecting all your data, make time for half an hour for an intense truth-baring analysis:Which 20% of your daily activities are resulting in 80% of your desired outcome?
  3. Now when you have identified where your 20% is, plan your next day – make a list of all activities ahead of you and try to focus 80% of your effort and time on these highest priorities. If something is not going to be done throughout the day, make sure it isn’t part of that 20 percent.
  4. Make the most out of your workday.
  5. Take regular breaks.
  6. Enjoy better results.


Do you have your own recipe for productivity? Share your experience with us. We would be more than happy write about it on our Clevork blog and spread it on our Facebook page.


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