Get stuff done, plan your day like Rosanne

Rosanne van de Leemkolk is the social producer of a busy Dutch social media agency 3sixtyfive

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Hidden among a myriad of canals in Amsterdam, this team is working hard on their journey to the top, following the guidance of one woman in particular. Let’s take a look on what one woman manages to do in her planned-to-the-minute ten hour working day in order to keep her head above the waterline.

Where every minute counts

Rosanne kicks off at 8.45 AM by checking her inbox and social media sites to see if any new requests or answers have come in. While she’s at it, she answers a few requests to go over with a client later. It’s now 9.15 AM and she is off to take a look at a show reel to write down time codes. She also has a quick chat with the designer, whom she tells his ideas for the show reel.

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By 9.45 AM Rosanne switches focus and starts reading CVs that have come in for the open position of an intern. This takes about half an hour and she switches focus once more to get in touch with some clients to discuss some pending questions and of course to get some answers.

Another 30 mins later she goes back to the designer and gives her first feedback on the designs of the show reel. When the clock hits 11.15 AM, it’s time to have a meeting with the community management for Magimix.

Jam packed afternoons

The Magimix meeting has been going on for two solid hours and by the time it’s finished, it’s the afternoon already. This means 1.15 PM is the perfect time for Rosanne to write a video script for a Nintendo game. 1.45 PM is the time to finally stop and have a bite to eat with some colleagues. A bite to eat usually ends up being a healthy dose of salad. This is the only time during her busy day that she makes sure to go away from her desk and cell phone for at least 30 minutes, completely disconnecting from the online world. This helps Rosanne refresh and re-energize for a busy afternoon.


After disconnecting from the online world and Rosanne gets straight into calling her boss to give him feedback and updates to keep him in the loop of things. She also invites a potential future intern in for a job interview.

Not even half an hour goes by and she collects “user generated content” on Facebook for Little Tikes. Just after 3.15 PM is the perfect time to take a second look and make a last edit and final check on the Nintendo video script. This takes about 45 minutes.

Rosanne prepares for a weekly delivery of Facebook content for Lotto by putting content and visuals together. This is at 4.00 PM, when some people are starting to shut their computers down and head home. Not Roseanne however.

Now comes the phase between 5.00 PM and 5.45 PM which Rosanne aptly calls “the grey area”, as this is when she is so busy, she doesn’t even have the time to actually notice what she was working on.

No slowing down for the PM hours

By the time the evening traffic is well under way outside, Rosanne’s still preparing another edit of the showreel. It is now 5.45 PM when the boss gets critical and writes down her feedback.

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Quarter of an hour later she discusses feedback from her boss during a quick phone call. She continues on by giving a phone call feedback to the editor by making a list of all the points discussed, she collects all of the required feedback for the content and video and sends it to the editor. This is when her day is starting to come to a close.

Rosanne now finishes her last phone call, shuts down her inbox and computer. The lights go off in the office and it’s finally home time.

Never ending energy brings results

This must be one of the most organised days we have so far come across. Rosanne really manages to get stuff done and by that we mean a lot of meaningful and useful work without any time wasting or procrastination. By looking at the incredibly detailed structure to Rosanne’s day we can only agree that by really organising your day you can also achieve a lot during your working hours. Just imagine how much work can be achieved in one week following her example.

Head to to find out more about this energetic company.

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