75 new leads by “betalisting” our startup

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So you have a start up that you have been working on for ages? You have gotten as far as the Beta version and wanted to let the world know?

Same here. Our start up is called Clevork and we want the world to know about it, because it can make people money.

We wanted to spread the word about us. So finding effective, fast and cheap ways was the only way to go. And then we found Betalist.

And the leads started pouring in

Just by listing our start up on their website we have gotten 75 new leads and we are only listed for just over 2 weeks. Amazing stuff.

And what is even more amazing that new leads just keep on coming. Well over 75 people know about Clevork now, that didn’t know about it before, if it wasn’t for Betalist.

Fun and experiments

Now we had to think of ways how to get in touch with all of our new leads. So we came up with an idea which was a bit of fun at the same time.

We have created an email that we’d send to our new leads to thank them in their interest and introduce Clevork to them in a bit more detail.

We have also made a list of 20 great sounding email subjects. We have then chosen 4 email subjects that seemed to best describe the email and the product.

Those subjects were: Open me, Time is money, This email has the power to change your business and finally: How to get 12 hours out of an 8 hour day.

We then proceeded to send 75 emails to 75 individual email addresses, alternating between these 4 subjects in the emails. Our aim was to find out which email subject would people react best to.

The results were interesting.

After counting all of the “votes” the winner with 21 emails opened was the subject: Time is money.

Second place with 18 votes went to the subject: This email has the power to change your business. Third place with 14 votes went to: Open me.

Last place with only 8 votes went to: How to get 12 hours out of an 8 hour day.

But we’re not done yet

The work doesn’t stop by listing Clevork on Betalist however. We plan to be in constant touch with our new leads for some time.

To keep them interested in Clevork as a product that can make them more money.

Listing our start up was very simple. It was quick, painless and best of all in our case completely free.

We now have that much needed visibility we were after.

If you are looking for ways to publicize your start up, go with Betalist and you can’t go wrong. And to find out more about Clevork, just click here: www.clevork.com.


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