Property development done right

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Patrick Walsh proves that with a positive attitude and smart business acumen, you can make it in property development, crisis or not.

Look inside his day

Patrick has his office set up in the comfort of his own home.

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

His first hour of the day is taken up by answering emails, followed by filing and internet banking.

Patrick says: “As a full-time property developer and investor, no two days are ever the same. I used to try and do some of the building and renovating work myself. But I came to the conclusion, that I was not good at it, so nowadays I am just the project manager.”

Ideas, inspiration, irresistible finds

Patrick continues his day by jumping into his car to make some site visits. The purpose for these is to check if everything is progressing as planned.

He also takes the time to check out possible new properties either via his iPhone or by calling the local Council.

And the added benefit with site visits is: “Sometimes I call into suppliers and have a look at their latest products. This can be anything from kitchen appliances to carpets, fireplaces and landscaping” Patrick explains.

Going on site can be quite time consuming, so this is where Patrick’s working day often concludes.

Patrick has become successful in this business by having a ‘nose’ for the right property. He knows when to splurge and where to save to add a unique flair into every one of his projects.

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