Spanish temperament in windy Wellington

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Ricardo came to develop his photography dream in Wellington city, New Zealand, and has never looked back.

Professional photography is not something that can be set up from anyone’s home. Neither can it be managed from 9–5.

He specializes in fashion photography. “I’m passionate about fashion photography more than anything. I believe a good photographer needs to understand all types of environments and lights. Mainly indoor and outdoor, artificial and natural.” says Ricardo.


Ricardo’s shooting in progress


A competent photographer also needs to be able to deal with any kind of photos. Sports, landscape, family, art, or commercial. These skills are crucial to stand out as a fashion photographer.

Ricardo has one goal when it comes to fashion photography: “Never to make a photo session like any other before. Each one needs to be unique and has to speak for itself.”

It’s all in being efficient



Ricardo has set amount of procedures he sticks to with each shooting. One of them is searching for the right location, correct light setup and the right concept. This can usually take an hour.

Also finding the right model, hair and makeup artist and stylist  is crucial. It can be a very long road, but if done right and skillfully, it’s the road to success.

Perfection and nothing but perfection

Throughout shooting, finding the right angle can take longer than most people think. Ricardo likes to call this time a ‘warm-up’. stiahnuť (11)

After the warm up, he moves into the real shooting. Classic studio photoshoot can take 3-4 hours in general. Very specific shooting can stretch over 5 hours though.  And that is when the model’s real personality comes out.

After the photo shoot, be it being in the studio, on location or outdoors, comes the post-production work in front of the computer. This can often take long hours to complete.

He has the passion

Ricardo takes no shortcuts. In his own words: “Photography is not only a business, it’s also a form of art.”

Photography requires lots of education. Studying, finding the right team of professionals, perseverance, passion, patience and hard work. And with this he adds: “I don’t see how it could be any more fascinating.”

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(1) Photo by Ricardo Vacas (Kerp Photography), model: Dulce Belloso, assistant: Alfredo Lopez

(2) Ricardo shooting

(3) Photo by Ricardo Vacas (Kerp Photography), model: Pim Arizel, make up: KD Phillips

(4) Photo by Ricardo Vacas (Kerp Photography), model: Bailey Smith, hair stylist: Talie Jeffries from Lady Bonnet, wardrobe: Vintage Heaven, venue: Arthur’s On Cuba (Wellington)



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