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Track & improve your employee’s productivity.

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Clevork for Team Leaders

  • Simple time logging
  • Daily performance of team members
  • Plan workdays of your team
  • Easy & quick reporting
  • Time zones synchronization

Clevork for CEOs

  • Your employee analytics tool
  • Run your company easily
  • Quick reports for business owners and clients
  • Clear time sheets
  • Manage field workers

Clevork for Business Owners

  • Instant overview over company performance
  • Precious data for future costing estimation
  • No more lost money in billing
  • Fair remuneration
  • Focus on profitable clients and projects

Clevork is for team leaders, managers & company owners

Thanks to Clevork they can gain a clear & detailed overview about the activities of their employees. This can be used for optimization of internal processes, generating of time-sheets or attendance and increase in effectivity & the overall company revenue.

Why should you get excited about Clevork?

Here are just some of the awesome features on offer

Cloud based solution

For desktop or laptop

Use Clevork on your tablet

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Always on the go?

Use the Clevork Android or iOS free mobile app


See yours or collegues position on Google maps

On a business trip?

Track all your business expenses within Clevork


Fast, accurate and easy XLS or PDF reports within seconds

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